5 tips to discover the culinary specialities of a country

Culinary Specialities
Photo 5 tips to discover the culinary specialities of a country

Every country has its specific cuisine that differs it from others. Trying new food is included in the best part of visiting a country. This is the reason why food tourism has been increased in recent years.

If you want to learn more about the culinary specialities of a country, you have to focus on some points about their cuisine.

Some tips to discover the culinary specialities of a country

To help you discover the specific culinary of any country, take a look at the following 5 tips.

1. Focus on the ingredients

The first thing that determines the taste of any kind of food is the ingredients. Each country has its most common ingredients to cook meals. This may depend on the climate, the nature and the culture.

There may be a large number of ingredients in a country, but you have to focus on the ones that they use in the specific meal to discover its specialities.

  • What kinds of ingredients do they use? This may include vegetables, meat, seafood, freshwater food.
  • What do the ingredients look like? This may include the size, the color, and the taste of each product.
  • Do they use chemical products?

2. Focus on the way of cooking

Regardless of the use of ingredients, the way of cooking is also one of the most important points to discover the unique culinary of a country. All countries do not have the same cooking style.

It varies depending on the culture, the habits and the favorite taste of local people. For example, Asian countries are quite different from European countries in the case of cuisine, especially in terms of cooking methods.

  • What material do they use for the cooking? Examples pots, frying pans, saucepans, ovens
  • How are ingredients cooked? For example, marinating, frying, cooking or grilling
  • How is the temperature of cooking the food?
  • How long does the meal take to be cooked?

3. Focus on the use of spices

To adjust the flavor, spices play an important role in the cuisine. Some countries are used to add more spice to enhance the flavor, but there are those which use less spice.  So to better discover the cuisine, do not forget the use of spices and ask yourself questions:

  • What kinds of spices does the country use in the meal?
  • How spicy is the food?
  • How do they cook or fry the spices?

4. What does the food look like?

The meal does not only aim to fill the stomach, it must be good for your eyes before eating. This question aims to observe the appearance of the food.

This is determined by the food decoration that makes it appetizing. To characterize a dish by its look, you may ask some questions such as:

  • What color is the meal?
  • How does the food smell?
  • How is the dish served?

5. Taste the food

Last but not least, tasting the food is the most important way to learn more about a country's culinary specialities. The use of ingredients, the way of cooking, and the fragrance are the main elements that determine the taste of the dish. So you can discover the general character of the cuisine by tasting the meal only. Here are some ways to taste the food.

  • Eat in the country's restaurants.
  • Cook and taste the same kind of food.
  • Travel to the country

Discover the culinary specialities of any country

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